Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 Review by Vibe Kayaks

Kayaking has become a trend in the world of fishing and recreation activities. Everybody now wants to own a kayak. With the many kayaks from different companies filling up the market, choosing the perfect one has now become quite a task. 

When buying a kayak one needs to do thorough research on design, specifications, and purpose. One of the top-rated kayaks in the market is the Vibe kayaks skipjack 90.

About Vibe kayaks skipjack 90

The Vibe Company which has been in existence since 2013 is the one that makes Vibe kayaks skipjack 90. Vibe's co-founders are Joshua Thomas and John Ewald. Their prime motivation is to create kayaks that give all users a chance to experience the world despite their level of experience. The product is unique, has great features, and it's highly affordable.

Features of the Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 Review by Vibe Kayaks

The following are the features that you should know:

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It is small in size with a length of 9 feet and a width of 32 inches making it maneuverable. Its light weight that amounts to 46 lbs. makes it highly portable. It fits in the boot of many SUVs thus one can tag it along during travels or holidays. It takes up less storage space in the garage since it folds and one can also hang it.


The kayak accommodates one paddler. It has a deluxe kayak seat that has extra back support to make the user comfortable and allow him to ride for long hours without getting tired. The seat has four adjustable straps for safety. It also has a detachable bag for storing personal items and lunch. The bag is being coated for water resistance. It has two paddles that are light in weight and comfortable to grip. The paddles comprise of asymmetric blades for efficient strokes. They are suitable for flat and slow moving water.


The kayak can carry a weight of up to 300 lbs. The four carrying handles allow users to mount up to four fishing rods. Its rear cargo storage area has bungee tie down system that is large enough to accommodate coolers and crates.


Vibe kayaks skipjack 90 is suitable for recreation activity. It works well in flat or sheltered water. It is suitable for short durations that do not exceed one day trip. The kayak does not limit users depending on the level of their skills. Therefore, it is suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. It is ideal for children, average adult, and larger adult.


The kayak is quite stable in calm waters and in moderately sized waves to the point of allowing users to stand when casting. It works well on lakes, rivers, canal and ponds.

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  • Vibe kayaks skipjack 90 is small in size and weighs less, thus making it highly portable. It does not take up large storage area in the garage.
  • The fishing rod holders and rear storage area allow users to carry relatively large cargo.
  • Its purchase price is highly affordable.
  • It has handles for easier carriage.
  • It turns with ease since it has a small surface area for wind resistance.
  • It is durable since it is made up of molded polyethylene that is flexible and ductile. The polyethylene material has an outstanding resistance to fatigue thus ability to handle occasional surges without breaking.


  • Its design makes it move at a relatively slow pace and makes it unsuitable for tracking.
  • Not suitable for long paddling.
  • It is quite unstable in heavy currents.
  • Not suitable families since it can only accommodate one paddler at a time.
  • It is not appropriate for heavy cargo exceeding 300 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this come with a paddle?
A: Yes our Journey Paddle.

User's Reviews

Vibe kayaks skipjack 90 is rated by 11 users on Amazon with an average rating of five stars which is the maximum rating. Customers praise it for the small size and light weight that make it highly manageable. It does not take up ample storage space both in the garage and in the car. Setting it up is simple and does not require any expertise. The fact that it works well for both experienced and non-experience paddlers is also fascinating to customers.

Some of it users point out that it is highly stable in calm waters and small waves. Majority customers found the company-fitted seat to be comfortable except one who claims to have replaced it with a new one. The company's delivery service is highly reliable since many customers claim that they received the kayak well-packaged and in good condition.

The shape of the kayak affects its stability, speed, and tracking. Vibe kayaks skipjack 90 flat bottom makes it stable in calm waters and makes it suitable for recreation purposes. Paddlers of flat-bottomed hulls do not require much training before they set into the water. Vibe kayaks skipjack 90 lies in the category of short model hulls that are maneuverable than longer ones. Its large width size is both advantageous and disadvantageous at the same time since it increases its stability and makes it move at a slower pace.

The deeper the kayak, the more the storage space and comfort. Vibe kayaks skipjack 90 is shallow therefore affecting storage space making it relatively small and also offers less comfort, especially to tall paddlers. However, deeper kayaks are disadvantageous since they have a larger resistance for wind thus making them relatively slow. The shallow feature of vibe Kayak 90, ensures that the resistance is small thus moving quite fast than deep hulls.

Vibe kayaks skipjack 90 is designed for a single paddler at a time, and it can only carry a weight of up to 30olbs. Its weight amounts to 46lbs that light enough to carry around. The handles make carrying it to be easy since they are comfortable to grip. It is the many features and advantages that Vibe kayaks skipjack 90 offer to its users that make it remain as one of the highly-rated kayaks on the market. Its outstanding cost makes it viable since the advantages accrued to it are many. It offers ample satisfaction to both newbie and novice paddlers. Though kayaking is a fun activity, it adds up as an exercise since one uses energy and burns out fat in the process. Vibe kayaks skipjack 90 simplifies the process since one requires less energy to steer it thus making the overall activity to be more enjoyable.

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