Travel Fishing Rods – Extensive Selection for the Traveling Fisherman

Whether you plan your fishing trips around your work schedule or fish for a living, the right travel fishing rods are a must for those planned fishing excursions you have planned ahead for the weeks and months to come. For those who simply can't imagine life without fishing, but don't want to have to pack too many things, or carry too many items when taking a fishing trip, the option to invest in high-quality travel fishing rods is the ideal solution. 

Simply fold, pack, and store; there's no need to bring several pieces of luggage or weigh your boat down with dozens upon dozens of items when going fishing. But, when choosing travel fishing rods, what should you look for, and how do you know where to purchase? Consider some of these factors.

Travel Fishing Rods - Extensive Selection for the Traveling Fisherman


Traveling fishing rods are perfect for camping or hiking trips, or that weekend fishing trip you are going on with friends, but don't want to weigh down the boat or luggage. The best rods are going to fold and tuck away nicely into a small compartment or space. 80 they should have an easy folding mechanism, allowing you to pack the rod away into a backpack or small container.

Most rods will come in 3 to 4 sectioned pieces, allowing you to easily fold and store away the rod when not in use. They range from very light action rods (typically for freshwater fishing), to heavier duty action rods (usually used for saltwater angling). Many rods also come equipped with a reel, but this is not the case with every traveling road.

Sectioned (or collapsible)

If you are the type of person who doesn't want to have to break down the rod, and store it away each time you use it, there is also the option to purchase traveling rods which are collapsible. As the name implies, unlike those travel rods which break apart for storage, these rods simply collapse into a smaller size, so you can pack them tightly into a storage space. They collapse down to a very small size, allowing you to neatly store them in a travel pack when not using the rod for fishing. When you are ready to fish, these rods telescope outward, so it is a quick, fluid motion when taking it out of storage, and using the rod for fishing purposes.

Pen rods

Yet another option when choosing the travel fishing rods is the pen fishing rod. Yes, they are small in size, but don’t let this fool you as they can handle a big fight you get into with a heavy weight fish during a trip. In fact, they are small enough to carry in your pocket if you are only going out for a day or a few hours, and do not want to bring anything along with you for the trip. So, whether you are out camping or hiking, or hitting an entire day out on your boat, this little rod is transportable enough to keep hidden in your pocket, and easily remove when you find the perfect catch.

Choosing the right rod

No two fishermen are alike, and for this reason, no two are going to choose the same exact travel fishing rods for their next short fishing trip. When choosing the travel fishing rods, of course you want something that is light in weight and easy to transport, this is a given when shopping for a travel rod. But, there are other factors one has to consider which include:

The type of bait and reel you prefer using. Not all travel rods will accept the same reel, so you have to compare different series and sizes to find the right fit.

How you want to store it. In some cases, collapsible or pen rods are the best option. If you are out on the water for a few days, the traditional sectioned rod might be a good option, as it is still small and compact, but might be a little more durable for the more experienced fishermen.

Brand, size, weight, and design, are also attributes one must consider when choosing their travel fishing rods. Depending on your grip, and the casting style you prefer, some travel rods are better equipped for you than others.

Of course, one also has to consider their budget, and the brands of fishing rods they want to invest in when choosing a new travel rod. Because every fisherman has their own personal preference, the rod one is going to choose, is going to differ from the next person's choice. So, the best way to find what will work best for you is to compare a few travel fishing rods, and if possible to try them out (hold them, feel the weight, etc.) so you can find the design you feel is best for your fishing style, and is most comfortable for your grip when you do go fishing.

Regardless of the option you make when choosing travel fishing rods, there are several from which you can choose as a fisherman. So, before you do make that captions, these are a few of the many factors to consider. With the right rod, your fishing trips are more enjoyable, and you don't have to worry about your fishing rod taking up too much space or weighing you down on your next fishing excursion.

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