Top 4 Kayaks in the World

A sea kayak is a special type of boat developed for paddling on open waters such as lakes, bays, and oceans. The kayaks are seaworthy small crafts with a covered deck as well as the power to incorporate the spray deck. They allow maneuverability of whitewater kayaks in exchange for the high cruise speed, easy tracking, storage room, paddling plus comfort in long trips.

Sea kayaks are used across the globe for marine trips ranging from a few hours to multiple weeks, since they can accommodate up to three paddlers altogether, apart from having room for food, water, camping gear and other supplies. Touring kayaks usually come in two styles: sea kayaks and day touring kayaks. Day touring vessels are shorter plus have enough storage compartments for overnight outings, whereas sea kayaks are longer and provide the most storage space for long trips. Moreover, a touring sea kayak lies between 10 to 18 feet, whilst a tandem craft can go up to 26 feet. The width ranges from as little as 21 to 36 feet. Below is a review of the top four kayaks in 2020.

Top 4 Kayaks in the World

1. Perception Conduit 13 Kayak

If you're looking for a lightweight kayak made for high speed as well as to be used in small rivers and lakes, the Perception Conduit 13 Kayak is the ideal choice for you. At an affordable price, this vessel is also fit for taller users thanks to its large size length, something that standard shorter vessels like the Ocean Kayak Frenzy, find hard managing.

This kayak is equipped with great features to benefit both beginners as well as expert paddlers. Whether enjoying a lake cruise or navigating through choppy waterways, the Conduit 13 kayak will get you to your destination as well as back again in full comfort. It features Zone seat with Zone thigh pad support system that is completely padded plus contoured to provide industry-leading comfort even when kayaking in the roughest waves and winds. 

At only 13 feet, the Conduit 13 kayak offers enough stability to allow beginners know the learning curve, whilst providing adequate speed & tracking abilities to help distance paddlers go further and faster. The Conduit 13 features bow plus stern bulkheads with inbuilt hatches for keeping gear valuables dry, together with fore plus aft bungee deck rigging to tie down extra gear. The kayak weighs around 50 pounds and features carrying handles at their ends to make transport much easier.

2. Riot Kayak Edge 14.5- LV Flatwater Touring Kayak

Slender, slim, and sleek design, Edge 14.5- LV Flatwater Touring Kayak is developed to take you through deep waters. The kayak has an advanced custom fit seating system and adjustable sliding foot braces which size to fit shorter plus taller paddlers. The hull comes with enough keels for straight-line tracking as well as the perfect amount of weight to allow the kayak navigate in choppy waters and strong waves. 

At a 14. 5 feet, the Edge LV kayak can cruise through lazy rivers, open waters as well as calm lake and sea waters with equal speed plus precision. The sealed storage compartments at the front plus rear bulkheads with density hatch cover not only keeps your belongings safe and dry but also keeps the vessel afloat during turnover. Other features include hull drain plug, reflective lifelines, security bar, and paddle hook. The Riot Kayak Edge 14.5- LV Flatwater Touring Kayak employs the use of pilot rudder system to provide a kayaker with a possible control through the water.

3. Advanced Elements Frame Expedition Kayak

The Advanced Elements Frame Expedition vessel is both folding frame as well as an inflatable kayak. It uses Advanced Frame aluminum rib framing technology and the bow plus stern to provide the vessel with an ideal rigidity so as to increase both paddling speed and performance. At 13 feet with the integrated tracking fin, the advanced Expedition kayak has a tracking ability of long, and thin touring kayak yet provides the speed stability of recreational model because of its low COG (center of gravity) inside water. 

The advanced Expedition kayak has nine separate compartments that inflate to provide the boat with its buoyancy as well as kayak hull shape. Both Twistlok plus high-flow spring valves enable the vessel to be inflated without hassle, hence allowing it to move from the storage bag straight to the water in a few minutes. The Expedition features a raised deck plus a comfortable seat with flexible lumbar support for preventing the kayaker from stiffening up especially on long hours in the water

4. Perception Essence 17.0 Kayak

The Perception Essence 17.0 Kayak is a seventeen feet high-performance sea vessel for paddlers who engage in dangerous adventures requiring a chart for navigation as well as GPS tracking system. The kayak is equipped for extended water treks, has a dialed in tracking combined with the ergonomic design. 

It also features a zone EXP seating system that is completely adjustable to complement the kayaker's discretion, thus enabling long distance comfort on the long expeditions. Other important features of the Perception Essence 17.0 Kayak include; Tru Trak system for precision tracking, soft touch handles, and slide-lock foot braces. Besides, the hydrofoil design efficiently cuts through waters, hence can be changed into a waterproof housing when not in use.

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Final Thoughts

Kayak touring is a diverse sport that you will have to consider your options diligently print to making any choice. An essential thing to keep in mind is where you'll be using the vessel as well as the conditions you'll be using it in. For instance, multiple touring vessels make fore excellent water kayaks in calm environments. Unless they have an option for add ups like rudders, they'll have trouble handling fast, rough waters. 

However, if you are a beginner in kayaking and looking forth to buy the best kayak that will serve you well and for long, consider factors such as the type of kayak you need, the size of the touring vessel, kayak materials and the cost among other considerations. Purchase your kayak today and start enjoying marine trips and sports activities with your friends at your convenience.

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