Top 12 Kayak Fishing Tips – Need Kayaking Advice!

Do you want to improve your fishing experience? Well, try kayak fishing. Kayak fishing is simply fishing while on a kayak. Kayak fishing is gradually gaining popularity because it is seen as an environmental friendly means of fishing and it is easy to catch easily spooked fish such as the flounder. Fishermen also view it as a cheaper means compared to other boats that need fuel. However, kayak fishing is not as easy as it looks. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind if you ever want to be good at kayak fishing.

Top 12 Kayak Fishing Tips - Need Kayaking Advice!

1. Wind is your friend but can be your biggest enemy

When fishing during breezy conditions, wind often displaces your kayak position. Before going out on a kayak fishing expedition remember that safety come first. Check for wind strength and direction through mobile applications such as the Willy Weather app. If winds are too strong, fish behind geographical features such as hills or mountains which can block or reduce wind strength. Having a lightweight puddle can as well help you maintain your kayak position because you can comfortably do one hand paddling with one hand while the other end is holding the fishing rod. Paddling your kayak in the direction of the wind as well helps you maintain its position.

2. There are a few tools that you should own and know how to use.

a. The rack strap tow rope

This rope comes in handy when you need to pull your kayak over land from one water body to another or pull it through a bumpy water body from the land upstream. Remember that the longer the strap, the easier the pull. The strap should be closed around your waist and connected to the kayak through the grab loop.

b. Water bottle

By this, l doesn’t mean a drinking water bottle but a garbage water bottle. It is always wise to protect our environment. Throw all your rubbish into the bottle.

3. Vision is not your only fishing sense

Sometimes, your vision may be hindered either due to the state of water clarity or sun position in the sky. However, this should not hinder you from doing your fishing. You can use the sound casting technique. Use your hearing senses and make your judgment of where they are. When sound casting, you should remember to stay quiet.

4. You can catch more fish at night

At night, it is easy to see where the fish are and you can similarly draw the fish to where you are. It is considered relaxing and fun. Nevertheless. it is moreover considered dangerous and should never be done alone because it draws game fish too. You should have a VHF radio, many lights and remember to wear your F'FD.

5. Protect yourself

At times, environmental conditions such as day temperatures become too extreme and hinder you from fishing. By wearing a hat and a neck gaiter, you can protect yourself from the scorching sun. Choose pants with the right material such as the Columbia air grill. It will give you a refreshed feel once you jump into the water and back to your kayak and days fast. Wearing gloves is important because it will protect you from getting blisters and the hot sun. Get yourself a PDF: a high-back vest for high-back chairs or a full-back vest. A low-back seat will accommodate both types of vests but a high-back seat will only accommodate the high-back vest.

6. Water temperature is a key factor

Before deciding on your fishing weapon, get to know the temperature readings of the water. For instance, if the water temperature is between forty and fifty degrees, i would recommend that you use the ever-versatile jig. If the water temperature is between fifty-five and sixty-five degrees, then the recommended tool is the 4.5 inch Texas-rigged, skin-hooked tube. The speed at which you retrieve your hook is also influenced by water temperature.

7. Be accurate when casting

You can either opt for long casts or short casts. However, long casts often get caught on tree trunks far away and end up scaring away the fish. Picking and casting a particular spot increases the chances of catching fish. To improve your accuracy when casting, you should throw wind resistant heavy lures and know how to get into pockets where fish are.

8. Fish in overlooked areas

Having a kayak means having access to fishing in areas where other fishermen can get into with their boats. This is because kayaks can be used in streams that have fluctuating shallow and deep regions. If the water gets too shallow, you can get out of your kayak. By getting out you will open up more fishing opportunities and makes kayak fishing a fun activity. You can fish upstream and once the water gets too shallow, use your rack strap tow rope to pull the kayak to another deep part of the water stream.

9. Have a first aid kit

While out in the open waters, accidents can happen and interfere with your fishing trip. You might out yourself or even get a bite from a fish you are attempting to catch. it is important to have a first aid kit with all the basic requirements in case you get hurt. It will make the difference between a full fishing experience and an interfered fishing trip.

10. Have a keen eye

Always be keen on feeling the bite. At times, you might be out for hours and get frustrated for not catching anything. Focus on your fishing line all the time. During winter, it may be difficult to feel the bite after hours of waiting but patience is important.

Top 12 Kayak Fishing Tips - Need Kayaking Advice! - Video

11. Replacing your hooks

The size and style of the hook determine the lure. You should watch videos or watch how other people switch between trebles and single hooks.

12. Trust your kayak fishing expertise

This, however, comes after you have had practice for a while. Gaining some experience is good as some things cannot be taught. Use the knowledge you learn from others with what you know to become a better at kayak fishing. Your instincts will matter from the time when you will be choosing where to do your casting.

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