Tips for Mastering the Art of Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing has become so popular in the recent years. Kayaks are affordable and have low maintenance costs. it is an exciting and simple sport where you can set your own pace and catch great fish. Kayak fishing is very different from fishing from the boat. With Kayaks, you are closer to the water and less stable.

However, you are able to access some great fishing spots. Most kayak fishermen face problems because despite being knowledgeable about fishing, they know very little about kayaking. Here are some tips on kayak fishing;

Tips for Mastering the Art of Kayak Fishing

Tips for Mastering the Art of Kayak Fishing

1. Consult a Serious kayak Angler

When starting out it is important to ask for guidance from someone who has been in the field for at least three years. He will provide you with great insights on paddling techniques and select your kayak.

2. Choosing a kayak

Before selecting a kayak, it is important to take into consideration a number of factors to ensure you select the one that suits you best. You should ask questions such as where will you be fishing, Is it in fresh or salt water? Is it in lakes or in ponds? All the above will determine your choice. Most importantly ensure your kayak is comfortable, stable and has ample storage facilities. it should have a comfortable backrest, an anchor, and rod holders. Also, put in mind that kayaks need to be light.

3. Practice to Cast One Handed

Casting one handed may not be easy especially if you are used to fishing from the boat. However, in a kayak there isn't much room between the sitting surface and the water, two handed casting is almost impossible. To be successful in kayak fishing, you need to cast one handed. This would mean using the lighter fishing equipment.

4. Plan Ahead

As an angler, it is important to have a plan before the fishing trip. Have an idea of which fish you are targeting, which area you want to fish in and for how long you plan to be away. You can use Google maps to locate your area, check out about the weather and tides and even join forums to know where people are catching certain fish.It is also important to inform your loved one where you will be in the case of an emergency.

5. Take Necessary Safety Precautions

Always wear your personal floatation device and attach a whistle. Most importantly do not panic in case of danger. Stay on your kayak as you seek help.

6. Use Your Feet

When your hands are busy chasing a fish, you can use your feet to redirect your kayak from obstacles such as logs. If your boat is narrow enough, you can even use your feet as an anchor. You can use your foot to hold on to a stone until you are done fishing on a hole.

7. Anchor When You Can

Do not be afraid to anchor. Anchors play a big role in kayak fishing especially when it's windy and you want to stay in one particular place for some time. However, it is important to take caution when anchoring in current. 

This is because it is risky and the kayak can be pushed under the water. Make use of quick release clevis in case you sense danger. It is also important to have an anchor pole or pin to help you hold onto the ground. You do not want a situation where you are pulled by a large fish into the mangroves.

8. Embrace the Shoreline

When it's too windy or when paddling against the current, avoid paddling in the middle of the river. Instead go as shallow as you can. The current is less than in the middle plus the shoreline vegetation’s mitigates the effects as well. This will ensure you retain energy to do the fishing one you get to the honey spot.

9. Take Advantage of the Eddies

You can use the current to your advantage. Most kayaks are light and can be entirely supported by an eddy. The boat will sit on the eddy and will not move downstream allowing you to fish exhaustively on a particular spot.

10. Learn the One Handed Paddling

It is easier to paddle a kayak with both hands even for a newbie angler. It is, however, important to master the art of paddling with one hand. This is because a situation may arise where you need to fight a fish on one hand and steer your boat at the same time to avoid hitting an obstacle. 

Learn how to anchor your paddle on your forearm so that you can easily use it on one hand. It is also important to invest in your paddle. A good paddle will not only be fast and efficient, it will also reduce the blisters you get on your hands after a long fishing day.

11. Carry a Bottle of Insect Repellent in Your kayak

It is always wise to carry an insect repellent spray. Try not to learn this the hard way where you have to leave a rich fishing spot due to a mosquito attack. This is especially important when fishing in salt 1 waters.

12. Keep Upright at all Times

It is important to note that your body follows where you had gone, it is, therefore, important to keep upright at all times. This will minimize chances of you falling into the water regardless of how much your kayak is shaken by the wind.

13. Have proper fishing handling equipment

Have proper fishing handling equipment

14. Proper Fish Handling Equipment is a Must Have For any Angler

This will be of great help especially when you catch a big fish. The essential equipment is; pliers, net, line cutters. fish grip and gloves.

15. Remember to Protect Your Skin

Unlike in a boat with a T-top, on a kayak, there is nothing between you and the scorching sun. Direct sun exposure and the fact that you are close to the water can greatly harm your skin within a short period. It is important to protect your skin by wearing protective clothes and applying a waterproof sunscreen with zinc oxide.


Kayak fishing popularity will continue being on the rise due to its affordability compared to motorized boats. It is fun and a way to exercise plus it's an Eco-friendly affair. I hope these tips will help you in kayak angling.

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