The Six Top Rated Kayaks on the Market Today

Kayaking is the ideal combination of exercising and interacting with nature. This activity is not specific to a particular water body type. This is because you can kayak through salty ocean waves, across serene lakes, and down a river. It is an activity that has long been popular and a lot of people have embraced it among other paddling sports. 

For this reason. canoe and kayak companies have sprouted out all over, day after day. This I to try and satisfy the demand on the market today. Just like any other market. the kayak market has got cheap and high-end kayaks on sale. In most cases, purchasing a cheap kayak actually means buying twice. However, it doesn't mean that you cannot find classy kayaks on a budget. To help you get the best kayak, below are the top-rated kayaks on the market today.

The Six Top Rated Kayaks on the Market Today

06. Sun Dolphin Aruba

Are you a water enthusiast? This is the perfect kayak for you. It features a tough polyethylene hull and has a deluxe seat that you can adjust. The comfortable seat that comes with it has a high back for adequate support. The foot braces of the kayak are flexible. This means that you can adjust them to make yourself comfortable. 

To ensure that you can comfortably carry this kayak when transporting it, it comes with carrying handles. When using this kayak. you can comfortably carry your essentials in the convenient storage hatch or the kayak. On this kayak, there is also a water bottle holder to ensure that you carry your drinking water for a comfortable experience. This kayak is specifically made for recreational purposes.


  • Perfect for the price
  • It is very sturdy
  • It is lightweight
  • Maneuvers easily
  • It has a roomy interior
  • It is very comfortable
  • Has a high weight limit


  • Some customers found it a little bit smaller

05. Ocean Kayak 12 Malibu

This is a sit-on-top type of kayak. It can only accommodate two adults and a child. This is because its maximum capacity is 375-425 lbs. The kayak has been made of plastic shell material and it has 3 seating positions. The 3 seating positions are stern, bow and the middle for paddling. There is a pair of comfortable plus seats on this kayak. The kayak also features gear straps, molded in handles and skid plate. It also has patented overlapping foot wells and 3 molded-in seat wells. 

To enhance simplicity in storage at the dock, this kayak features a creative deck and hull design. This is a design that allows the kayaker to easily stack multiple hulls at the dock. For individuals with long or short legs, you do not have to worry as this kayak will make you comfortable.


  • Comes in multiple colors that you can choose from
  • It is a great family kayak
  • Withstands strong winds
  • Has a versatile deck
  • It comes with extra room for gear
  • It is stable
  • It is easy to track


  • Heavy and solid

04. Sea Eagle 370 Pro Package

This is a tandem kayak with a pair of deluxe inflatable seats. The kayak also features a carry bag, repair kit and a font pump. it can accommodate up to 3 individuals and has a weight capacity at 65oIbs. there are 2 handles on this kayak to help you transport it. For enhanced speed and tracking, the kayak comes with 2 Skegs. This great kayak has been made of inflatable PVC material. The material is resistant to salt water and intense sun, making it highly durable.


  • It is versatile
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple to use
  • It is stable
  • It has been solidly built
  • It is durable and comfortable
  • Great for the price


  • It should have an inflation indicator

03. KL Industries Sun Dolphin Journey 88

Have you been tracking for a top-rated fishing kayak? Here it is, with a great hull design. The design of the hull is a combination of turning and tracking. The kayak features a pair of flush mount rod holders. There is also a swivel red holder on this kayak. The cockpit is large and open featuring a flexible deluxe seat. 

The storage hatch on this kayak has shock cord deck rigging. Its maximum capacity is 25oIbs. For optimum turning and tracking, this kayak features a tough hull. The hull is made of polyethylene, making it lightweight and durable.


  • Great for the price
  • It easily maneuvers
  • Tracks greatly in water
  • It is stable
  • Comes in variety of colors to choose from
  • Has a roomy interior


  • The seat has a hard bottom, but you can use a cushion to remedy that

02. Old Town 10 Vapor

This is a great fishing kayak made of plastic shell. it has a roomy cockpit and an efficient and stable hull. The seat is padded to give comfort and it is also adjustable. There are thigh pads and flexible foot braces on this kayak as well. Therefore, the seating area is great and the kayak control is excellent. 

There are cockpit amenities featured in this boat like the molded in the dash board and cup holder. You will also find molded in paddle park as part of the amenities in the cockpit. To transport this kayak, there are the molded carry handles. The stern day-well is for perfect storage and there is also the drain plug.


  • It is fast
  • Great for beginners
  • It is stableIt has a roomy interior
  • It has a solid construction


  • The accessibility of things within the kayak is not simple

01. Advanced Elements FireFIy Inflatable Kayak

This is a recreational kayak made of inflatable PVC. It features rigid panels that define stern and bow. The rigid panels are inbuilt enhancing tracking. The outer cover of this kayak is unique in a way that it enhances durability and it is lightweight. To help you minimize the setup time, this kayak features high flow spring and twist Lok valves. The tracking fin and the landing plate both enhance performance.


  • Great for beginners
  • It is affordable
  • It is portable
  • It to use and pack
  • It is very stable


  • Getting in and out is not easy

The Six Top Rated Kayaks on the Market Today - Video


The above are the top-rated kayaks on the market today. The list includes kayaks designed for various purposes. Others are versatile and they are all great for their specific prices. If you need to buy someone a gift, go through the list and determine the best for them.

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