A Simple Travel Fishing Rod Guide

Sports Recreational fishing is a great hobby for many. Traveling to new waters in search of exotic fish species is a great travel activity full of many exciting challenges for people of all ages. Whether it is away from city or abroad, new bodies of water mean a chance to put your fishing expertise to the test and see exactly where you are in this realm. Making sport fishing trips with a traditional fishing rod can be a little tricky, however, especially when you travel by air. 

In as much as there are rod-cases designed for that, these accessories can prove quite inconveniencing for you. One way out of this problem is to opt for a travel rod. There are numerous varieties of travel fishing rods out there, varying in style, weight, length, models, material and other aspects. Today we will look at the pros and cons of the different types of travel rods so you have a better idea of what to go for;

A Simple Travel Fishing Rod Guide

1. Telescopic Rods

Some believe that telescopic rods are the most popular variety of travel rods available today. They collapse within themselves, down to an easily transportable size and available in spinning as well as casting styles. However, there are a few potential setbacks to these rods, though. After all, isn't it true that everything has its own advantages and disadvantages? Failure to secure each segment tightly can result in your rod collapsing on its own.

Telescopic rods are quite popular because they cost much less than the other types of travel fishing rods. But you should be very careful when shopping around as for these pieces of fishing equipment as many times you get what you pay for. If the deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. For hardcore anglers, there are better options than a telescopic rod.

2. Multi-Piece Rods

In as much as telescopic rods are what many amateur anglers tend to think of as the most reliable travel fishing rods, multi-piece models are actually the most reliable choice. These rods normally come in three pieces which fit together perfectly well. They also come with their own hard-shell travel casing that can be slipped inside your suitcase or luggage easily.

Although multi-piece rods tend to be a bit expensive, if you take the advantages of these travel fishing rods into consideration, you will be convinced that they are well worth the extra bucks. After all, wouldn't you rather spend more once and for all on a quality multi-piece rod that you can fit inside your carry-on luggage than spend less on a cheap one or two-piece rod and be charged more by your airline for transportation? There have been numerous complaints about the quality of some traditional fishing rod varieties out there. The same cannot be said about the new travel fishing rods that have been introduced to the market. Many have used these rods and had nothing to complain about.

Fishing Travel Tips

Planning on taking an exciting fishing vacation this time around with your new travel fishing rod? If so, there are several things to consider when planning such an adventure, everything from creating a travel plan to packing your essentials to traveling with your luggage. This can be a difficult undertaking, especially if it is your first time. So, we thought we would share with you a few tips to make it an easy and exciting process for you. The guide below should help you plan your fishing trip well and make the most out of your trip;

1. Select Your Destination and Create a Travel Plan

Do your research on the best fishing locations that can be found in your preferred destination. Note that over time, the amount of fish within an area can increase or reduce rather dramatically, so ensure your information is recent and pertains to the time of year you plan to visit.

Fishing can be a seasonal activity in some destinations, especially for migratory fish. Without doing research, many people have gone to places that are great at some times of the year and dry at other times and ended up with a bad experience. Make sure you do your research well before you hit the road.

Also, create your itinerary, perfectly outlining all of the details about your trip, including where you will go and when you will go and how long you will stay there.

2. Plan how you will Carry Your Luggage Accordingly

Many airlines allow you to take travel rods as carry-on luggage with you. You can simply group all of your small fishing equipment and accessories together in a short rod tube and tape them together for additional security. Heavier equipment like trolling rods and beach casting, however might be a bit difficult to get onto the plane. Do not fret though, you can still check them in as sports equipment and the majority of airlines won't charge you extra for that.

3. Travel Light

When going on a fishing trip abroad, do not carry unnecessary stuff that will make your journey cumbersome. Only take the things that you will really need during the trip like your fishing gear, clothes and a few other essentials. Do not pack items such as your laptop, a whole shoe collection and so on. The heavier your luggage is the more money you will pay for and the less enjoyment you will derive from your trip.

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The introduction of travel fishing rods means no more settling for overused rental gear on your next recreational fishing trip. A travel fishing rod is the ultimate answer to all the challenges involved in traveling with fishing rods. It is also the ultimate solution to anglers who want to relish every second of their fishing adventure. You can take your travel fishing rod with you to anywhere you go without stress; no airline or any other hassle or bustle.

Going on a vacation and need a travel fishing rod that packs away into your suitcase? We have the largest range of travel and holiday fishing rods available. Browse our range of rods to prepare for your dream fishing holiday. We know that selecting a rod that will suit your needs is a very crucial consideration and that is why we have that very special travel fishing rod for you.

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