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Top 7 Pro Kayaking Tips for Beginners

Kayaking is one of the most popular water sports in the world. While some pursue it for professional purposes, others simply do it for leisure. Although kayaking is enjoyable, it can be challenging especially for beginners. However, with a few pointers, you will be paddling for fun and success within a short period of time.Before […]

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Basics of Whitewater Kayaking

This is a type of lightweight boat with a closed deck where the paddler usually sits on the bottom of the boat with his or her legs stretched out, using a double-bladed paddle to steer the boat.Whitewater KayakingThis is a sport that basically involves paddling the boat on moving water. Its origins can be traced […]

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Kayaks: Must-Know, Product Guide, and Review

Kayaks used to be made of stitched animal skin with a frame made of whalebone. Its main purpose was for hunting when it was first built in North America. Today, kayaks are usually made of fiberglass, rotomolded plastic or Kevlar, and wood, and people use it mainly for recreational activities such as water rafting, fishing, […]

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Top 5 Fishing Kayak Reviews & The Best for Rivers and Oceans

Fishing Kayak is a both that can be used for fishing. It is used for transporting to the oceans and getting the fishes in the water. It has turned out to be well known during the current circumstances as they are environment-friendly and is the most advantageous method of fishing. Kayak fishing also includes an […]

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Top 4 Kayaks in the World

A sea kayak is a special type of boat developed for paddling on open waters such as lakes, bays, and oceans. The kayaks are seaworthy small crafts with a covered deck as well as the power to incorporate the spray deck. They allow maneuverability of whitewater kayaks in exchange for the high cruise speed, easy […]

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Kayak Fishing For Beginners: The Essentials

Whenever you hear about kayaking, your mind conjures up images of an adventurous paddling experience. However, there is more to paddling than you may think. You can combine your kayaking with swimming, fishing or whitewater to liven Up the experience.Kayaks were initially invented for fishing back in the day by a tribe known as the […]

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A Simple Travel Fishing Rod Guide

Sports Recreational fishing is a great hobby for many. Traveling to new waters in search of exotic fish species is a great travel activity full of many exciting challenges for people of all ages. Whether it is away from city or abroad, new bodies of water mean a chance to put your fishing expertise to […]

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Different Types of Kayaks That Conquered the World

To some people, kayaking is one of the most enjoyable outdoor sports. To the enthusiasts of this sport, getting the right kayak is the beginning of having a good kayaking experience. There are several companies that have made names for themselves by building good quality kayaks. Even within these brands, there are different types of […]

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