Kayaks: Must-Know, Product Guide, and Review

Kayaks used to be made of stitched animal skin with a frame made of whalebone. Its main purpose was for hunting when it was first built in North America. Today, kayaks are usually made of fiberglass, rotomolded plastic or Kevlar, and wood, and people use it mainly for recreational activities such as water rafting, fishing, and etc.

There are many different types of kayaks based on uses that normal folks are not really aware of. But for those people who are enthusiastic about water sports and watercrafts, knowing each kind, the material each is made of, and the best option to buy are all equally important. Some do not even know how to differentiate a kayak from a canoe. So, let us differentiate.

For the canoe's features, the boat is usually more open and the paddler has to kneel in one or both knees or by sitting down as a paddling position. The paddler or rider uses a paddle that is single-blade. The terms you might encounter are 001 for a single paddler and 00:2 for two. For a closed cockpit canoe, the terms are C1 for one and CZ for two. This type can be used in White Water Rivers or canoe slalom.

It is not really different from a kayak except, the paddler uses a paddle that is two-blade and is positioned in the cockpit. There are different types of kayaks. Let's see if we can break that down for some must-know details especially for beginners.

Best Fishing Kayak Under $600

Sit on Top Kayaks

This is the most stable one among all the types of kayaks. It is very easy to use and paddle especially for beginners. It can be used on rivers, sea, lakes, estuaries, and canals. This is also the most popular because of its qualities. A lot of different brands offer a wide selection of sit on top kayaks at an affordable price.

Canadian Canoes

This is more for recreational and relaxed paddling. This is usually used for family outings, photography, and camping.

Touring Kayaks

Touring kayaks are more versatile than the other types. This type is more stable in water and easy to paddle. Both beginners and experienced paddlers can enjoy this type to use for a relaxing afternoon.

Sea Kayaks

This type is built with more deck layouts and multiple hatches to utilize space for storage and for easy access. Touring kayaks is slower compared to sea kayaks.

White Water kayaks

This type is specially built for the adventurous. This can be used for river running, extreme creaking, surfing, and playboating. This type of kayaks is available based on the ability of the paddler. There are those for beginners and those for experts.

Kayaks for Children

You can start them young! This junior kayak is for children wanting to practice their paddling skills.

Inflatable Kayaks

If you are interested in buying one for yourself to use on your next water sports adventure of maybe just for leisure paddling and photography, and you do not have an idea which one to buy or what different brands are offering, we will help you out.

Product Review

For the sake of this article, we will write only 1 product review. Maybe we will review other products soon, as well. But for now, let us take a look and review this Sit on Top Kayak, Perception R15 Pescador 120 Kayak. This kayak is actually a favorite among beginners because of his versatility. It has a broad shoulder, multi chine, and tracking kneels that make it very easy to maneuver the boat.

The Pescador is actually a model that was considered as a rebrand of a model that is twice as expensive. That model was the Wilderness Systems Tarpon. That model used to top all the list of “best kayaks" list when it came out. Now that Pescador is readily available, people can now enjoy the same type and quality at a fraction of the price.

The product's technical details:

The Perception R15 Pescador 120 Kayak is actually a fishing kayak that is considered high-end in quality but at an entry-level price. It comes in a Seaspray color with total dimensions of 13.1 x 28 x 144 inches and weighs 60 pounds.

Pros of buying this kayak

  • The Perception R15 Pescador 120 Kayak is made for novice paddlers and for a leisure paddling, but as mentioned, it is also fun to take this baby to paddle in rivers and lakes.
  • It is very stable.
  • The seating system and space on the kayak offer paddlers plenty of room for adjustments.
  • Taller people can also enjoy this kayak and be more comfortable by removing the footrests.
  • Most people who purchased the product are very happy with and think that it is a great value for money for its durability and features.
  • It has ample storage when you need to store your bags, coolers, and other camping or fishing stuff.
  • Really fun to paddle in the water may it be for a relaxing trip, fishing, or some fun paddling with friends!
  • Some cons that you have to consider.
  • Some buyers got kayaks that do not have a rod holder.
  • You have to stay at a perfect level to avoid water entering the scupper holes.
  • Some paddlers report the need for a little more cushioning at the bottom by adding more padding.

Kayaks: Must-Know, Product Guide, and Review - Video

There is not much cons as you can see. And coming from a lot of different reviews of those who actually brought the product, the cons are manageable. The pros are really what count. As for most sit on top kayak, this is inexpensive. And with all that features, it is definitely a steel for its price!

People who have this product only have good things to say about it. The brand, Perception, is known for producing kayaks in great quality for more than 40 years now. They pride themselves for making rotomolded plastic kayaks that are exceptionally sturdy. Their kayaks are usually UV and impact resistant. They are easily repairable, versatile, and produced with less waste.

Now if you are looking to buy your first kayak, we suggest that you get the Sit on Top Kayak, Perception R15 Pescador 120 Kayak. Apart from all the features mentioned above, it is fun to paddle in the water. So, gather your friends to go for an adventure in the great outdoors with your new kayak. Guaranteed that more than the happiness of buying the right one for you, as a beginner, you'll have a fun and memorable experience, too!

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