International Fishing Travel – World Wide Fishing Tours

Fishing is one of the most relaxing and amazing experiences in the world. When you are sitting near a lake holding your rod with the hook in the water and you feel the cool breeze passing. You would want to breathe the fresh air deeply. There is nothing more relaxing in the world. You can hear the wind whistling through the trees nearby. Mostly the sounds of water and wind have been as a source of relaxation and to reduce anxiety.

If you have been fishing then you know the feeling and if you don't then I would strongly recommend trying. To have a partner when you go for fishing can have a very pleasant effect. Sitting in a boat or on the bank of a stream and having a conversation with your friend or a closed one is really wonderful. While many people fish in their backyard after some time it becomes boring to fish in the same water again and again. 

Some anglers travel to different parts of the world to visit the fishing spots. it gives you the chance of visiting some of the beautiful places in the world and also you get the chance of catching a variety of different fishes like a salmon, trout or you can even go fishing for piranha. In this article, l will give you all the information you need to start traveling through world and fishing.

International Fishing Travel - World Wide Fishing Tours

If you are planning to start your fishing tour there is some important information that you sheuld know. You have to carry the fishing rod with you and almost all airlines don't follow any set regulations regarding the fishing equipment. The first thing you need to check is the information about the different airline. Some airlines are mere accommodating for the fishing gear as compared to others. One other thing worth mentioning is that some destinations are more used to anglers visiting and it will be easy to take your equipment while if you are visiting some new destinations then you might have to face some difficulties.

Now what kind of rod would be more suitable to take with you? For this, you have two options travel fishing rod and trolling rod. It depends on what you are looking for if you are going to fishing for, a 4 piece travel fishing rod would be enough for you if you want to catch smell fish. But if you want to try something big then you will need a trolling rod. Most experienced anglers like to take a couple of trolling rods. I would recommend you to take a trolling rod and one four pieces traveling the road with you.

At most airports, it is easier to take your travel fishing rod with your luggage on the plane but trolling rod is a little difficult and you might have to pay extra for it as excess baggage. You should by one hard shell tube to carry your fishing rods. Sometimes you may face difficulty with your tube at the airport so try to avoid metal or fiberglass tube and look for a plastic one. Mostly there is no trouble with the fly reels so if you are taking an expensive reel with you I would recommend packing with your carry-on luggage.

You should pack your carry-on luggage wisely such it has all your important belongings and you are able to spend a couple of days with your carry-on luggage only.

If you are on some medication then pack your medication in a small bag. Remember to pack your valuables such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet and camera with chargers in your carry-on luggage. Put clothes for a couple of days in your carry-on. Choose your clothes according to the place where you plan to go for fishing. For example, if you are going to some tropical areas then try to take flat pants. Small flies in the range of 4-5 can be packed with your carry-on. 

Larger flies are difficult to take with as most airlines don't allow it. Keep items such as pliers, hook sharpener, forceps, and nippers in your checked luggage. One important tip is to label your bags in case of any problem with your luggage it will be easier to track down. Another tip is to organize your bags so that when you reach your destination you don't have to pack again.

Now you have all the necessary tools and information to begin your fishing tour. l would recommend some top destination to look into when planning you traveling. On the top of my list is Prince Edward Islanleova Scotia, Canada. If you are looking to catch a Bluefin tuna weighing more than 1000 pounds then there is no better place than. 

Prince Edward Island anywhere in the world. The world record to catch a Bluefin tuna is 1496 pounds was set here in 1979. Although there is a policy to catch and release here but you might be able to keep one or two pieces. The best time to visit this island is between august to October.

Second on my list is Umba River, Kola Peninsula, Russia. Kola Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in the world covered with snow where you can find Kola Peninsula and reindeer. But as the spring starts it is transformed into a salmdn paradise. Each spring angler flocks the banks of Umba river which is about 123er long ta catch world finest salmon- The river is filled with salmon all year but the river is not easily accessible and you have to share fishing with hears.

The third recommendation would be Bermuda. It is one of the top destinations for anglers to catch a big blue marlin. Bermuda has been crowned Blue marlin world champion for eight times. The largest fish caught here was 1352 pounds. Bermuda is one of the most beautiful destinations for tourists while most of them consider it to be the mast civilized, safe and clean country. It has some of the most magnificent beaches, great restaurants, and wonderful diving experience.

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You have all the information and guidelines now choose a destination, get your fishing gear start the fishing journey of your life.

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