How to Choose a Kayak for the Kayaking Experiences – Buying Guide

Kayaking is a great way to relax and to get away from the daily pressures of life and work. It is also a great way to get fit and to improve mental health. If you have decided that the time has finally come for you to buy your own kayak, here is what you need to consider so as to guarantee nothing but the best kayaking experiences.

How to Choose the Best Kayak for the Best Kayaking Experiences

How to Choose a Kayak for the Kayaking Experiences - Buying Guide

1. Kayaking type

There are various types of kayaking, and they include the following:

  • Recreational kayaking
  • Whitewater kayaking
  • Kayak touring
  • Sea kayaking
  • Surf kayaking
  • Sit-on-top kayaking

If you wish to do recreational kayaking, you will need to get a kayak that is ideal for recreational kayaking. In the same way, you cannot buy a whitewater kayak and expect to go sea kayaking in it.

The kind of kayaking you intend to practice is therefore one of the most important considerations to make before making the final decision. If you are a complete beginner in the sport, chances are that you have no idea what kind of kayaking would suit you best. If that is the ease, recreational kayaking would suit you best as it is usually practiced on protected waters.

To choose the best kayak for recreational kayaking, visit your local kayak dealer or outfitter and ask to speak to a kayaking expert. Alternatively, you may visit a sporting goods dealer or shop and ask for advice. if, however, you are not a beginner at kayaking, allow the kind of kayaking you love best to determine the kind of kayak you will buy.

2. Kayak size

Once you have decided the best kayak for your kayaking needs, the next consideration should be size. Some of the questions you should ask yourself include, how tall or large I'm l'? How much weight do I carry?

This is because kayaks come in different volumes, lengths, and widths. Additionally, they come with a suggested weight range. Choose a kayak that would suit your body frame and body weight as well.

The most important thing is to make sure you fit in the kayak comfortably enough to be able to spend at least 60 minuets in it without impinging on your comfort. Before making the final decision, try the following:

  • Sit in the kayak.
  • Make sure the back rest is supporting your back comfortably.
  • Make sure both feet reach the foot support.
  • Make sure the thigh braces are comfortable.

While you are still at it, make sure the kayak has some extra space for cargo if you intend to take long kayaking trips. Also, don't forget to consider passenger capacity if you happen to have a loved one or two who love kayaking as much as you do.

3. Portability

Finally, choose a kayak that best suits your ability to travel with it and to store it well. If you don't have enough storage in your home or car, an inflatable kayak may suit you best. If, however, you have ample space in your house and car, you may have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of kayaks.

Buying Guide

A kayak is a small boat that is driven by human and it has a roofed deck and a cockpit. This is driven with a paddle that has two blades. This is mostly used for hunting by the natives of the sub-arctic area of the north eastern part of Asia, Greenland and North America. They are also known by the name of Canoes in certain parts of the globe. They are available in various materials and designs now-a-days-

They are used for adventure trips to the seas as well as for fishing. The sea kayaks are longer in size than the ones driven in the rivers. They are generally manufactured by hardy materials like carbon composites, Kevlar and plastics.

The modern varieties are spacious enough to carry a lot of stuffs with you and they are also ready to be taken for big trips. in short if you are on a trip to the coastal or lake regions then kayaks can be a great Option to explore the various natural water bodies.

The word kayaks are now used in a wider way to define different types of vessels which are driven by the human beings. There is quite a variety available which slightly differ in shapes and purposes from each other. Sea kayaks are designed for traveling long distance on water that has waves. They are driven with two paddles. Then there are kayaks with single paddle which are called the whitewater kayaks.

Slalom kayaks and play-boats are included in this category. The surf kayaks are also known as the surf skis. They are narrow in shape and longer than the general kayaks. These are mainly used for racing and this is the reason why you will need some extra skills to handle them with proper stability. Then there are other types of kayaks like the military kayaks, folding kayaks, recreational kayaks and wave-skis.

The kayaks which are made of wood with a combination of fiber glass have proved to be very successful. The "skin on frame" kayaks resemble the structure and design of the traditional boats. They are made with driftwood and seal skin. Sometime nylon cloth is used instead of the seal skin. The folding kayaks are actually a member of the same family and it is linked with the Eskimo kayaks.

Nothing is more painful than spending money on a brand-new kayak only to find out that you don't in it once you're at the beach already. if possible, try getting in the kayak that you are tying and see if you can get in and out of it easily. Trying the kayak at the beach is also recommended to see if you can easily maneuver and control it while in the water.

You can directly buy the new kayaks from stores but they will cost you little high. In this case, you can select the one which is of the preferred materials of yours. This is also a great idea to buy the second-hand kayaks and they can be found online as well. Make sure that the kayak you are buying is in good condition.

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