Top 7 Pro Kayaking Tips for Beginners

Kayaking is one of the most popular water sports in the world. While some pursue it for professional purposes, others simply do it for leisure. Although kayaking is enjoyable, it can be challenging especially for beginners. However, with a few pointers, you will be paddling for fun and success within a short period of time.Before […]

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Basics of Whitewater Kayaking

This is a type of lightweight boat with a closed deck where the paddler usually sits on the bottom of the boat with his or her legs stretched out, using a double-bladed paddle to steer the boat.Table of ContentsWhitewater KayakingRiver ClassificationBasic Boat TermsPrimary StabilitySecondary StabilityDisplacement HullPlanning HullChinesBoofRockerChoosing the BoatHere is Description of These Boat Types:Creek […]

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Review of Bali SS Sit-On-top Kayak by Sun Dolphin

In addition to being fun, easy, and enjoyable, kayaking is also a good way to be one with the outdoors. Can you imagine any other activity that will give you a chance to skim over lakes, rivers or streams, while enjoying the journey along beautiful surroundings? Every kayaking trip is filled with adventures and always […]

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