Best Kayaks On The Market in 2020 – Top Ten Models Reviewed!

In the recent years, the popularity of kayaks has soared with many options offered at major sporting goods stores. With the different manufacturers, models and kayak types, choosing the best one for your needs can be a challenge. For that reason, this review has been prepared to help you in the shopping process for your kayak.

Best Kayaks On The Market in 2020 – Top Ten Models Reviewed!

Best Kayaks On The Market

1. Pro anger

Hobie is well-known for making high-quality watercrafts of all ranges. Their kayaks are durable and rugged with sleek designs incorporating many features. it includes a foot pedal system like the one used in bicycles. This pedaling system helps with motion even in high wind conditions and can even take you backward. The rubber fins for pedaling fold neatly under the hull when not in use to allow for shallow water operations. This is among the best kayaks for fishing due to its marvelous features.


  • Foot pedaling system for continual movement.
  • Has reverse motion capabilities.
  • Adequate stability.

2. Ultimate FX

Native waters make rounded design kayaks and specialize in fishing varieties. it has a planning hull design with a foot pedal system and a battery compartment that is waterproof. it also has a rod management system and steering rudder. These features separate this product from others in the market since the accessories are well planned, and the features are high-quality. It comes in various sizes from10 to 14 feet and is among the lightest kayaks around.


  • Foot pedaling system.
  • Waterproof battery compartment.
  • Plano rod management.

3. Prowler big game

Ocean kayak makes fishing kayaks with a balanced blend of speed, stability, and maneuverability while accommodating all the needs of any fisherman. They have an open deck style and a center control placed between the legs. They are significantly longer than other kayaks at about 13 feet long and 34 inches wide. It is the best for those who seek to bring lets if gear like on camping trips since it can carry up to 650 lb. They are slightly less costly and are available at some local dealers and online stores.


  • Accommodates 650 Ib.
  • Very long at 13 feet.
  • Has a width of 34 inches.
  • Available in open deck style.

4. Renegade XT Kayak

eMotion kayaks have a straight-forward design incorporating most of the specialized functions in the molded design. This kayak is suitable for those seeking to access hard-to-reach places. The kayak has adequate storage featuring access points and fastening throughout. They may not feature foot propellers or flashy rod holders but are designed for simplicity and functionality. You can get one at some local dealers and online stores.


  • Can access hard to reach locations.
  • Ample storage room with enough fasteners around the kayak.
  • Straight-forward design.

5. Tarpon Angler

Wilderness systems have shown seriousness over the years with technological advancement in kayaks. Their kayaks are made specifically to go over waterfalls, banging on rocks and keeping you, and the gear protected all the time. Due to these qualities, this kayak is the most sought after today. This affordable kayak is among the most elite kayaks with no propeller system. It offers ergonomic design and extreme storage. The narrow body offers serious power on the water.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Has prowess on water.
  • Offers optimum protection in rough waters.

6. Straight Edge Angler

Advanced Elements has over the years produced reliable and well-reviewed kayaks. Customers around the world like their inflatable line such as AE1001-R. The inflatable Straight Edge sells at an average price and features aluminum reinforced frames and mount rail. It also features pressure release valve and steel anchor rings for attachments.


  • Aluminum ribs.
  • Is self-bailing in the case of bigger waves.
  • Has adjustable padded high support seat for comfort in extended use.
  • Heavy-duty PVC.

7. Lifetime Tamarak

Lifetime provides affordable kayaks 1lririthout any compromise on many features. They have a great selection of kayaks for different tastes of the angler. This product features ample storage areas and storage straps. Its hull has an ergonomic design delivering a great intersect of form and function. There is reliable stability with this kayak and is maneuverable in water. It, however, has no broad array of accessories and features but is a dependable product.


  • Created for tandem or single use.
  • Measures 10 feet.
  • Two pieces of sports paddles comes with the purchase.
  • Can fit three riders comfortably.
  • Has a dry storage section.

8. Pescador 12

This product from perception is so convenient for a beginner in kayaking and does not skimp on quality. The design is very stable while space is adequate for those who prefer carrying lots of gear. The Pescador is very affordable and loved by novices and experts alike. It allows a beginner to enjoy stability without having to spend so much on a kayak. You can store your gear in the rear, front, and center hatch and mount your fishing rod on the Scotty mount. At 12 feet in length and 28 inches wide, this kayak offers great maneuverability, tracking, and stability.


  • Great tracking and maneuverability among kayaks in the market.
  • Very versatile in various environments.
  • Allows room for error without getting unstable.
  • You can get out without fearing to tip over.
  • The hull shape provides adequate balance without being slow.
  • Rides smoothly.
  • Ample leg room even for those above 6 feet.

9. Aruba 10

Sun Dolphin has a history of designing great kayaks for recreational use like the Aruba 10. This inexpensive kayak is very popular, especially for new kayakers. It works well in flat waters like slow moving rivers and lakes. The Aruba 10 is very wide at 30 inches and ‘10 feet in length with a weight of 40 pounds. It can carry up to 250 pounds due to the size and hull design. Its shape makes tracking and maneuverability easy. Its cockpit has an Open design making entry and exit very easy. A padded backrest, storage compartment, and bottle holder make this kayak a must have.


  • Hull design is optimized for turning and tracking.
  • Ample gear storage room.
  • Adjustable high back seat.
  • Adjustable foot braces.

10. Malibu Two

Manufactured by Ocean Kayak, the Malibu two is a kayak built for two people and can carry more. It is ideal for a bonding session for example with a loved one. This sit-on-top kayak measures 12 feet long with a width of 34 inches. It weighs 57 pounds and can carry up to 425 lbs. It has a seat at the stern, middle and a small one at the bow to seat a young one on your kayaking experience. Other than the comfort plus cushions, the kayak features straps that can be used to attach small gears.


  • Tandem kayak.
  • Offers stability and versatility.
  • Comfortable seats.
  • Lots of room to stretch out.

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Before settling on a kayak, it is advisable that you assess what you will use it for and the amount of gear you intend to bring on board. Novices and experts have different factors to consider including stability and maneuverability of the watercraft. Price may play a role, but your comfort, ease of use and safety comes fir.


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