Best Kayak Under $300 in 2020 – Guide To Getting The Right Model!

So are you planning to spend this weekend at fishing? Too tired from daily life routine! It’s the right time to buy your water craft instead of renting one at the shore because they are just useless and apparently more expensive.

You must be thinking which watercraft to choose? Canoe, or a sailboat, or a motorboat, or perhaps a kayak? Well, I would suggest you get with kayak whether you are a newbie or a pro at fishing. Kayaking is gaining popularity because of its countless benefits with every tick of the clock.

The market filled with hundreds and thousands of models of different kayak varying just a bit in features from each other. Kayaks not only meant for fishing, but people also use them just for an outdoor sport. Selecting one out of the bunch of many is a big task itself, but it gets an even worse when you have a not so good budget!

Well, the small budget doesn’t mean that you will go low on quality too, or you cannot find a good kayak for a joyful fishing trip under you strict budget. Getting a kayak under your budget of $300 is not impossible. It is just difficult.

Best kayaks

Now which kayak is best to fit in your budget of $300? Well, certain aspects explain that is the kayak best or less than best or not at all best. Everyone wants to get the best thing in hand after spending their money on it.

Selecting a kayak is fussy. You have to consider some essential points to be sure that the chosen one is for fishing because the market also has the non-fishing ones. Here’s a list of some of the features that must be considered first handed:


  • Material of the kayak’s body
  • Storage capacity of kayak
  • Loading capacity of kayak
  • What is the hull type?
  • Seating
  • Stability of the kayak

Above mentioned features are necessary to be considered before buying one, now there are some accessories as well that you may take into account if you are passionate to get the super best one.


  • How many the rod holders does the kayak have?
  • How many foot pegs are there?
  • What about some spare area for larger accessories?
  • Does it have a space for the cooler?
  • Details about fastener and strap

You need to take all above features and accessories in the account before building up the list of your top selects.

Well, we have made it much easier for you. We have made the following list of 5 best kayaks under your budget of $300 to keep you away from market hassle. We went through several models of kayaks costing less than $300 and compared all of the features as mentioned above in all of them. We ended up with following best kayaks that cost less than $300.

You must be thinking why we selected five kayaks and not a single only. Well, not any kayak can be best for all scenarios!Some fisher are shallow water bound while some are fond of big oceans and high tides.

Best Kayak Under $300 Comparison:

5 Best Fishing Kayaks Under $300

Once you step in the market, you will be exposed to many different fishing kayaks, but it will be a pain in the neck to find the best one under your budget.

Luckily, this article will drive you to the five best kayak under $300 along with all the features that you must consider before getting one. So sit up on your couch and read the information given below on the best kayaks on the market today.

We have made this struggle for you and other buyers that are as confused as you.Be sure to the fact that small budget can also make up to a high quality. Since everyone cannot spend several dollars on a piece of water craft, so the market has many ready to go products under a reasonable budget.

So scroll down, read, think and decide! Hope you get the best one according to your requirements.

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package

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Shocked to see a sea eagle best kayak under $300. This kayak has a 4.3-star rating at an incredibly cheaper. Sea eagles are known to pay you back in the face of features more than the amount you paid for them.

This Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable kayak is made up of puncture resistance, super thick k-80 polyphony hull material and nine-inch tube that has high frequency welded seams. Its floor is I-beam constructed that makes it rigid on all types of water.It measures 9 feet, six inches long and 13 inches wide on the interior side while 11 feet, 2 inches long 34 inches wide on the exterior side.

It has an incredibly higher loading capacity as compared to others in this much low budget. It can hold up to 500 pounds that are enough for two persons, your pet, your catching and other accessories. Despite this much loading capacity, this kayak only weighs 26 pounds that are just equal to nothing.

It has inflatable seats (front and rear) and sprays skirts. Moreover, it has a three-year warranty. This kayak comes up with many bonus features at this low price.

It comes with a manual and a repair kit. It is not a single kayak. It comes with two seats, two paddles, a foot pump, and an enough big storage bag to carry food, clothes and other belongings of you two.

It is inflatable that means it doesn’t require a big room to be kept in. It is best for newbies because it designs assures you of not tipping. Lastly, it can use for a variety of purposes. It is not only bound to fishing.

What we liked

  • Trustworthy company with 40 years’ experience
  • It is an inexpensive inflatable kayak
  • Has a very light weight
  • It is easy to carried anywhere
  • It is not only fishing bound
  • Its seats are very comfortable
  • It is very stable

What we didn't like

  • It does not have side ropes to tie your gears
Sun Dolphin Excursion SS 10-Foot Sit-in Fishing Kayak

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The Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 Fishing Kayak is justified to be on the top of the list of best kayak under $300. This kayak has a 4.5-star rating and specially featured for newbies. It Offers the best combo of features and performance, especially for newbies. This kayak is the best choice for the ones looking to have a personal kayak under a strict budget of $300.

This kayak manufactured with a durable and sturdy polyethylene that makes it super reliable and trustworthy for all water types.Its hull is made up of molded polyethylene that can even last lifetime.

It measures 10 feet in length that is the average duration for kayaks; it weighs 18 kgs that are not so light.Dragging it on mud or dirt around shore will not be a hassle, but it will be hard to carry it all away from your home.

Moreover, this kayak is capable of offering you with the loading capacity of 113 kg. That comes up with a two-year warranty. This sun dolphin kayak also makes you to some hidden features that are just not less than a premium.

It has a comfortable seat along with storage capacity to save your food, clothes, cell phone and other belongs. The seat is adjustable too. This bonus features can make your hours at fishing very comfortable and peace attaining with no pain and aches. This kayak has 3-rod holders. One is swivel mounted, and the other two are flush mounted.

The cockpit of this kayak has not just got a comfortable seat for you, but it also offers you with adjustable foot braces. Lastly, it has plenty of space to store accessories on the rear side.

What we liked

  • It has a two-year warranty
  • It has a maximum load capacity
  • The manufacturer assures to provide free parts and assurance if the kayak gets damaged

What we didn't like

  • It is heavier than others
Lifetime Fishing Kayak with Paddle

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That’s The Lifetime Muskie 120 Angler fulfills your desire to buy the best combo of features and performance at a meager price. This kayak is four stars rated and comes with an excellent warranty of 5 years.

It is a single seated kayak weight 57.5 pounds that are light enough for a hard shell body. So it makes no hassle to pull it on mud and dirt around shores. It also has front and rear T-rod handles that make it even more convenient to drag it anywhere.

It has a loading capacity of 275 pounds that is sufficient for a single person, his catching, and other belongings. This kayak offers you a comfortable seat that can also be folded downside when being stored or transported.Its comfortable seat keeps you away from pain and aches on a long day of fishing.

Moreover, it is made up of UV- high-density polyethylene that makes it very durable. It comes with deep hull channels and chine rails that add to its maneuverability.

Lastly, it’s flat ended body makes it compact to be stored up right down. This kayak also has many bonus features. Firstly, it has customized footrest that makes paddling convenient for the riders of all size. Secondly, it allows you to do hands-free fishing since it has two shock cords for two paddle cradles.

Thirdly, this kayak has 3-rod holders. Two of them are flush mounted, and one top swivel mounted.

What we liked

  • Has good tracking
  • Has stability
  • Its seat is comfortable
  • It has a good loading capacity
  • It has plenty of storage facility
  • Its body makes it compact to be stored upside down
  • It is economical with the best features

What we didn't like

  • It cannot install any transducer
  • It is featured to be more stable than steady
Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

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This Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak is probably the cheapest one in the market. It has a 3.8-star rating and costs. This kayak is inflatable.It is 10 feet 4 inches long and weighs 19 pounds only. Super compact to handle and light weight. It has two comfortable seats are easy to remove if not in use.

It is 21- gauge PVC constructed and has a 90 days comes with a storage bag to carry your food, clothes and other belongings. It has double lock valves, and its airtight system guaranteed for not leaking at all.

Moreover, its spray covers avoid water splash and keep you dry while you peddle.It can hold up to 360 pounds. This incredibly inexpensive fishing beauty has some bonus features too.

This kayak has multiple air chambers that make it safer than others since it is back up with an extra room in case the one gets punctured. It has carry handles, and lastly, it is certified to hold 360lbs

What we liked

  • It is very light weight
  • It has multiple air chambers
  • It has a spray cover to keep you dry
  • It is very low priced
  • Comfortable removable seats

What we didn't like

  • It does not have enough storage capacity
Elkton Outdoors 10' Foot Inflatable Tear Resistant Fishing Kayak

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This kayak is one of the best rated one under the umbrella of $300. This one has a 3.6-star rating. This Elkton Outdoors 10′ Foot Inflatable Tear Resistant Fishing Kayak is made up of 18-Gauge rip resistant 1000D PVC that makes it hook and tear resistant. That means you don’t need to be worried about any leakage issue while on your trip. This inflatable kayak takes just a good few seconds to convert from a super compact size to 118in. X 35in x 16in,

This kayak has three air chambers for the times of emergency. So you don’t need to worry even if you are a newbie to kayaking. These rooms make tipping to be completely impossible. Further, these kayaks are six mesh pockets to store enough gear for long trips and two comfortable seats.

Well, this kayak has all the common accessories that you consider indispensable for your fishing trip.It has a total of 6-rod holders. 2 of them are vertical rod holders, and the other four are trolling a ones. This kayak also provides you with doubled sided oars, a repair kit along with a manual, and a foot pump.

What we liked

  • It is light weight
  • It quickly inflates within few seconds
  • It has 6-rod holders
  • It has three air chambers
  • It the safest among all due to spare air chambers

What we didn't like

  • You cannot use electric pumps to inflate this kayak

Things to consider before selecting a Kayak Under $300

I am sure that the above list of 5 best kayak under $300 must have made easy for you to buy one now. You will not suffer anymore in markets with a confused face and mind. But you will be confused because they all are almost same. They just vary a bit on some points.

So here is another guide for you to select the best among these five. Following is the list of some important features that require some of your thoughts before buying your kayak.Go through them and decide to keep in mind your requirements.

You will inevitably end up holding the best kayak in your hand!

Types and number of seats

  • Loading capacity
  • Length of the kayak
  • Keel or no keel?
  • Storage capacity
  • Safety and stability

Type and number of seats

It’s pretty essential to have a comfortable place.No one wants to end a fun weekend with back pain and aches.It’s the seat on which you are going to spend hours. Kayaks come with both padded and plastic seats. So if you go fishing more often or if you are a patient of a back, leg or the hip pain then make sure you buy the one that has proper padded and cushioned seats.

You can compromise on seats and can buy the one with plastic seats if you are just a seasonal user.

In the end, cushioned and padded seats are best!

As far as the number of posts is concerned then first decide that are you a single fishing person or a family guy. One seat is enough in the case of unique nature, and three seats are best to have if you are a family man.

Loading capacity

Kayaks come with a minimum of 200 pounds and a maximum of 1000 pounds loading capacity. For loading capacity, you first need to consider that are you a lone fisherman or loves to go fishing with buddies?

If you are a lone fisherman, then you may run with a maximum of 325 pounds loading capacity. A This would be enough for you, your catching and other belongings. However, if you are not a solitary person, then you must be taking some buddies with you for fishing. In this scenario, make sure to buy the one with minimum 500 pounds loading capacity

Length of the kayak

Kayaks come in minimum of 8 feet length and a maximum of 15 feet. Before deciding on length for your dream kayak, you must first think of the water situation you are going to use it.

There are two water scenarios. Calm and slow water and bigger oceans, lakes, and river. If you are rash big oceans, lakes and river bound then you must go with the larger length that is 12 feet or more because they are super speedy. However, if you are calm and slow water bound then smaller distance of 11 feet or less is suitable for you because it has good maneuverability but not so speedy.

Keel or no keel?

Keel is a rare feature that not found on all kayaks. Now, what is keel? It is a fin shaped piece of plastic that goes down to the surface of water and sticks in their to make your tracking more smooth. Well, if your top selects are both keeled and non-keeled then you must be pretty confused to select which one.

Do go with a keeled kayak if you are open deep water bound. However, you can compromise on it if you are shallow water bound.

Storage capacity

Different kayaks have different storage capacity. Some have three hatches, and some have only a single one. If you use your kayak along with your family so make sure to buy the one that has at least two hatches and especially if you are a parent of toddlers.

If you are a lone fisherman, then you may go with a one hatch storage compartment.

Safety and Stability

Safety comes first! Almost all kayaks are built high enough to provide you good protection, but still, sometimes you need to be very concerned about its material. If you are a family person and have kids, then you must opt for solid, body kayaks from trusted manufacturers.

You may not take the risk of buying inflatable kayaks if you have kids. No offense, they are safe but not as safe as solid bodied one.

Best Kayak Under $300 - Videos

Best Kayak Under $300

Final Verdict

This section has enough to guide you to choose the best one for an upcoming weekend at fishing. On the contrary, I am sure it has also explained to you that having a small budget in hand is no biggie! No matter if your budget is small, you can still have the best thing in your hand to make your Sunday a Fun-Day.

So hurry up and get the best kayak under $300 and hit the water as soon as possible.

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