Best Kayak Seats on the Market 2020 – Most Comfortable Kayak

Kayaking is an up-and-go activity designed for occasional trips where you interact with nature while kayak diving, kayak fishing, sea kayaking, white water kayaking. The best kayaking is experienced when you have a comfortable kayak seat.

Equipping your kayaking trip with a good kayak seat allows you to recognize and appreciate the beauty of nature around you. That's why we hate reviewed some of the best kayak seats out there in the market Best kayak seats on the market.

Best Kayak Seats in 2020

Name of Kayak Seat Material Weight Dimensions:

  • GTS Sports Sit-On-Top kayak seat Form and Nylon 2.7 pounds 2x14x14 inches.
  • Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Form &Nylon 4.7pounds 21.8x14x5.8 inches.
  • Malibu kayaks Spider Angler Seat Polyethylene/Nylon 2.5 pounds 32x3x26 inches.
  • iROCKER Inflatable Paddle Board Kayak Seat Nylon 28 pounds 19.1x14.6x5.5.
  • YakaPads High-Back Gel Paddle Saddle Seat Nylon 2.8 pounds 16x16x12.

What to consider while buying a good kayak seat?

It is a good idea to know what to consider before buying a good kayak seat. And here are the few things, you’ll need to consider that will deliver to your maximum comfort and satisfaction as well.


While looking for a good kayak, it is important to consider the comfort a seat can provide. This is determined by the size of cushioning and the type of material of which the cushion is made. The right cushion needs to be with enough back support and comfort. Preferred cushioning types are the self-adhesive and strap-on seat cushions.


Considering your budget is also important You can get a good kayak seat with equally good qualities and can as well fit in your low price.


Durability is defined in terms of the time for which the kayak seat can last, and this is determined by the type of material used to make the seat. Nylon is a good material for making kayak seats with no possibility of fading.

The Best Kayak Seat Reviews 2020?

Why buy the GTS Sports Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat? -Good for paddlers seeking for extra support for their lower back.

01. The GTS Sports Sit-On- Top kayak seat

Has a sewn oversized cargo pack on the back to provide maximum comfort to the kayaker. Also, the EVA form and the PVC plastic foam both combined gives maximum back support and fatigue reduction.

Why this kayak seat scores the highest is because of the comfort it provides. It gives, an opportunity to kayakers who enjoy fishing while seated and paddling the shores for long hours.

You should also consider buying it because of its material and the manufacturing process for example, most seats on the market do not last long and cannot tolerate the ravages of fishing in salty waters, but the GTS Sports kayak seat definitely cuts above the rest.


  • Have inbuilt tri-laminated backrests for extra support.
  • Has cushioning with four adjustable front and rear straps to reduce fatigue.
  • Has a large built-in cargo pack for extra storage.
  • Good quality material.


  • It is only designed for a seat -on-top kayaking activity.

02. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back-Best for low budget

This is one of the most affordable kayak seats out there on the market but even with the low-price tag on it. this did not compromise with the quality and the designs. In fact, this kayak seat provides extreme comfort because of its sturdy construction with four-way adjustable nylon straps that allow you to change the lean while keeping your posture upright.

With so much to offer at such an amazingly low price, one would get skeptical whether or not the price is justified. Yes, it is true it may not be the same when comparing it with those highly priced kayak seats, but in the same price range, nothings compares to it. And the comfort it provides will make your long tours feel like a short trip around the pond.


  • UV resistant and made from Nylon which is good for its durability.
  • Comes with a built-in ventilation system to enhance visibility.
  • Rein enforced with additional back support for rough water paddling.


May not be suitable for anybody weighing above 2 pounds.

03. Malibu kayaks Spider Angler Seat - Best Fishing Seat

Why are the Malibu kayaks Spider Seat preferred as a fishing seat? it provides a complete set of seating options perfect for spending long hours on water while in comfort.

What are the best features that make Malibu kayaks Spider the best kayak seat for fishing? It is designed with rear gear bag with a bottle holder, dual built-in fishing rod holders, “D” rings for gear attachment and other tool holders. Though big time kayak fishers prefer calling it a beast, from my personal point of view I can say that the seat is super comfortable.


  • Comes with “D” rings for attaching your gear.
  • Has a thick cushioning to provide the best comfort?
  • Comes with additional accessories.


  • It's quite hard to paddle on your own due to its size.

04. iRocker Inflatable Paddle Board Kayak Seat

Another best pick for low budget with stand-up paddle boards. It is of the highest quality and designed for maximum comfort. The design includes four straps and clips, two on each side to securely keep the kayak seat comfortable on your paddle board.

05. Yak pads High-Back Gel Paddle Saddle Seat-Good for Sit-On-Top Kayak and Canoes

The seat is well suited for Sit-On-Top kayaks and canoes because of its gel-filled seat cushion with high backrests. The backs rest protect the lower back from chafing and spine rubs. And also, the gel filling distributes pressure equally within the kayaker's seat.

Why we recommend it, is because it works well for both short and long trips of either local rivers or streams.


  • Well insulated to keep warm when paddling in cold water.
  • Made with Lycra-laminated surface to for durability.
  • Well balanced and comfortable without raising the center of gravity.
  • High back seat to protecting the lower back from chafing and spine rub.


  • Provides comfort for long distance paddlers.
  • Offers back support.Offers storage for kayak tools and fishing rods.


Each kayak seat may have a different goal. Therefore, it is important to assess your needs before deciding the  best kayak seat to buy.

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