Best Inflatable Kayaks in 2020 – List of The Top Selling Models!

Kayak is canoe like watercraft made of frames which are light and waterproof. They use a paddle with double blades to propel them. At the top, there is a small opening where one slips and sits on. The best inflatable kayaks emerged first from people called Inuit. It got its name from a language known as Greenlandic.

They used kayaks to hunt at the Arctic Ocean coast, along rivers and in lakes around them. They used skins from animals or seal that was stitched together to make them. North America has a department in the State Museum dealing with ethnology that exhibits the oldest kayaks said to be over 4,000 years in age.

In earlier days, a kayak had several top openings where more than one person can fit. It was paddled by one person only who was well experienced to prevent the kayak from capsizing and roll it without neglecting the paddle. They mounted some kayaks with a deck that sprayed out water from the ocean or rivers. They also prevented water entering the kayak as a result of high waves.

Though boats in modern times differ significantly from the old designs of the kayak, the name is borrowed from the past times as they still use the word “kayak” to refer to the boat. The paddler is also fitted on top thereby removing the cockpit. The chambers that surround the kayak have air inflated in them. Another hull is added making them two. Paddles that were propelled by people nowadays are powered using other techniques such as flippers, electric motors and gas engines.

In countries like the UK, the kayak and the canoe refers to the same vessel. Kayak has evolved over time and has developed better uses other than just hunting and as a traveling boat. Kayak has penetrated the sports industry and have achieved a space in the vocational game. People use kayaks for recreational purposes. They use kayaks to navigate the waters for fun, and many people love and participate in this activity. Hardly can you pass by any water body today and you fail to see a kayak.

Depending on the purpose of the kayak, where they shall operate from and the paddlers’ position, they come in different designs. For example, the sit-on kayaks of today resemble the old kayaks in that the pilot operates submerged halfway inside the round boat. Half the pilot’s body is within the boat when using the sit-in kayak.

New models are available today like the sit-on-top type where the kayak is flat and slender with an open body. The person paddling the kayak can comfortably sit down and move his whole body as he wishes. The fact that one can stand while operating this type of kayak makes it perfect for fishing and recreational activities. One can enjoy the sun and attain an excellent relaxation posture as movement is not limited. Space is enough to carry pets like dogs and other necessary luggage for fun activities like camping.

In sports, kayaks compete going down the rivers or in still waters. Such sports are played boating, sprints in quiet waters, kayaking in white water and surfing the kayak. In play boating, kayaks compete in making dramatic moves like spinning or flipping in the air.

Materials used to make kayaks are hard and rigid, but Hypalon, polyurethane or PVC that are inflatable make those that are for recreational purposes. They are easy to carry along in small bags. Rigid kayaks get designed in a manner that allows their more comfortable transportation. They disconnect and connect their parts easily through deflation or folding.

Best Inflatable Kayaks Comparison:

7 Best Inflatable Kayak for 2020

Best inflatable kayaks over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set

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The only difference between this kayak and the above mentioned Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is that it has an extra seat. It is designed to carry two people and is used for recreational activities. It is used on calm waters like lakes or less running rivers. It has been tested on strong running rivers and has emerged victorious.

It’s yellow color and slim design gives it a remarkable style. It is portable and safe on the waters. The seats are inflated and the backrests are adjustable. It is cheap and affordable. It comes with a hand pump and a pair of oars. It is quickly inflated by use Boston valves. It comes with kits for puncture repair and a bag for carrying duffel. The sides are fitted with lines for grabbing.

Made from vinyl which is super strong with a 30-guage and a nylon cover filled with tubes inside make it last longer than the rest. The I-Beam floors that are inflatable give them a perfect balancing. It has two different air chambers that helps maintain stability when a puncture arises. It is reinforced at the bottom to increase the capacity the kayak can carry.

Ideal for beginners in kayaking as it comes fully packaged. Safe to operate as oars is made of aluminum. Stands out in style due to the lovely design. Is clearing seen on the waters as a result of their bright yellow color. Spacious and can accommodate other things like food or equipment rendering them suitable for fishing.

Very comfortable as the seats has backrests that are adjustable to give the needed support. It is very light and weighs only 30lbs making it possible to be managed by one person. One cannot adjust the paddles limiting their use by children. The black color at the bottom absorbs a lot of heat when sunny resulting to the kayak inflating more.

Though it fulfills all the reasons that it was designed for, it is good to note it overheats when sunny. It is no doubt that if you have limited money and you want a kayak that you can share with your family, Explorer K2 is the best available. No need to continue searching as Explore K2 is a guarantee of safety and reliability.

Features at a Glance

  • It is 3.12m long
  • The width is 91cm
  • It is build to carry two people
  • It can carry up to 182kg
  • They are certified by ABYC Standards
Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, 1-Person Inflatable Kayak Set

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Though slightly costly than the above One Person Best Inflatable Kayak, they are the most valuable in enabling one experience mother nature by cruising around various ecosystems. After making them, Intercorp Company has lowered their prices and are very affordable and reachable by all. They provide human with a chance to explore the open waters.

The cost is pocket-friendly. The weight is light and can buoyant at 220lbs at a time. After deflating them, one can carry them easily to any destination as they are compressible to a small size. The support of I-Beam added to it maximizes its stability, and one can stand or sit without capsizing. Coziness from the spacious cockpit and the seat filled with air. Luggage has a particular place and is designed to carry all you need. Quite safe and clearly spotted from afar reducing the risk to collide with another water vessel.

Can only operate on lakes or rivers that move slowly. The paddles are of low quality, and many have confessed that they break quite often while soaring. What amazes me about this kayak is that you don’t have to save to get one as the price is quite low. With another set of quality oars, it is the best kayak to settle for as your best option.

Features at a Glance

  • The length is 9ft
  • The extended side is 2ft 6in
  • The capacity is only one passenger
  • It can only carry a maximum of 100kg in weight
  • It is compliance with standards of ABYC
Advanced Elements AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak

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The cost is higher than Advanced Elements AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak but you will definitely experience quality than from the rest. Both are made by the same manufacturer. The lovely design will distinguish you from the rest in the waters. It is more spacious and can carry a third person.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Kayak justifies the victory of Advanced Elements Kayak through the additional seat that adds another passenger on board. If you have money, go for this quality kayak as the value is justified and assures you of an enjoyable ride with your favorite partner. If the tubes are not well aligned with some not well inflated, they cause a lopsided. The bow and stern are defined by the aluminum ribs which are inbuilt, improving the mobility in water.

Features at a Glance

  • Of the highest standard and elegance
  • It is well balanced in water and moves with ease
  • It is flexible and can be used in both running and calm waters
  • Can handle any current and speed
  • They are easily assembled and used
  • The seats enhance comfort as they are easily adjustable
  • Safe to work with
  • Clearly visible in the waters due to its grey and yellow design
  • Best for first time persons
  • Very stable and hardly topples
Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package

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It is highly ranked in the market and designed to carry two people. It comes with a pair of oars with paddles at the sides. Both people participate in rolling the kayak. Sea Eagle Company manufactures them and has contributed largely to promoting the market for the inflatable kayaks by use of excellent customer service. The 330 has a spectacular design and with white and blue colors. It can carry up to 500 pounds of weight and is very stable.

If you love to navigate for long distances, this the best kayak for you as you can comfortably ride in waters for extended distances without fear of being lost as the tracking system fitted in the kayak help in tracking one's location. Coupled with comfort, safety, and stability, experiencing a perfect ride is guaranteed. If your pocket allows, it is the best choice for you.

Features at a Glance

  • Costing slightly higher than, it is affordable
  • It balances well in water and moves in an even manner
  • They are robust and last for long
  • Effortless to carry
  • Their design in addition to the striking blue and white color makes them noticeable in water
  • If you have a limited budget, it is slightly expensive for you
  • It has a tracking system applicable in all locations eliminating worries of being lost
Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9'10" SUP Package

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Abbreviation SUP means Stand Up Paddle. It is a hi-tech form of best inflatable kayak used mostly as a surfboard. It is known to be the best of the SUPs available. Research has proved that SUPs are very expensive as this one goes.

Its’ stability attract beginners and are known to be the best bargain for your money. If you can afford it, go for no other and settle at this SUP. You will be able to use it in winter. PVC grade from the military creates it, and it becomes puncture-proof and free from cracks. You may need another oar with one paddle if you will be using your SUP while standing.

Features at a Glance

  • They are durable as they last long
  • The paddle is standard and excellent
  • The quality is amazing
  • They are very expensive
  • Quite rigid and can carry 350lbs on the water
  • When inflated at the maximum, it becomes hard and increases stability
Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

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It lures beginners in kayaking as it is cheap and has an attractive design. Sevylor Company that is known to make kayaks that stand out in quality since 1963 pride themselves in manufacturing this astonishing vessel. Tahiti Fish/Hunt has a stunning quality with a price below other kayaks of the same quality, making it a favorite of many. The inbuilt I-Beam floor supports the seats and enhances the kayaks balance.

Perfect for beginners in kayaking. There is no better deal for a valuable, fashionable and cozy kayak than this one. If you love fishing and having fun at the same time, then this is your type of kayak. Purchase it and enjoy your journey of kayaking. Though it has a seat for one person, it is capable of carrying two people. It can carry two people weighing 400lbs. Space is big enough to keep your luggage.

Features at a Glance

  • The locks are double-valved to prevent leakage
  • It comes with spray covers that prevent damage by water
  • They are light in weight
  • Very affordable with a cost of around
  • Comfort from the adjustable seats
  • Carried around with minimal effort
  • Have two air chambers that come in handy in case of a puncture
  • Balances well while moving through the water and at a reasonable speed
  • Takes long to inflate since you use your breath
  • Its’ colors confuse it with those that sensitize safety and health
  • It camouflages well with the surrounding vegetation making it hard to recognize
  • Has a low speed and may zigzag around on the water if skegs are not attached
Advanced Elements StraitEdge Inflatable Kayak

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Compared to Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, it is way too much expensive. Their fame has skyrocketed as days go by because of the advancements done during manufacturing them. The quality is at peak and prices are not increased after advancement.

They are compressible to a manageable size making them easier to travel with. They are very stable and less strength is needed to track them. They operate well in all current and go straight while tracking.

I admire the fact that the quality of this kayak is worth the amount paid for crowning it to the best. It makes you go through an exceptional experience of kayaking. I f your budget allows and value quality, then this is the best inflatable kayak to go for.

Features at a Glance

  • It stands out in the market
  • Has got bow and stern made of aluminum making them hard
  • It moves in a straight line in water as a result of the sharp ribs
  • Easy to manage and handle as the factory pre-assembles them
  • The seats can be modified to fit ones’ taste and comfort
  • Very comfortable and ideal for long distances
  • Its’ striking yellow color makes it beautiful and visible on the waters
  • Very stable while tracking
  • Durable as valves are well sealed and is made from puncture-proof PVC
  • Tarpaulin which is a heavy duty material
One Person Inflatable Kayak

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Designed for one person only and are a favorite with those that love strolling the waters alone, either to have some time alone or just for fun without other people interfering. The prices are fair and are preferred by many individuals, making it dominate the market. Carrying them is quite easy as they comfortably fit in your cars’ boot or a small bag.

Recommended for those that want to travel alone. Considering your pocket, if you are the go loner type, then this model is best suited for you. What I love about these kayaks is that you get more than what it cost you. The price is amazingly low.

Features at a Glance

  • Quite affordable with a budget
  • Easily Portable as one can carry it through many avenues
  • Ideal for urban dwellers as it is not bulky and is easy to move it around
  • The design is beautiful and of class
  • The only disadvantage is that it can only carry one person

Best Inflatable Kayaks - Videos

Best Inflatable Kayaks

Final Verdict

The above list will lead you to the best inflatable kayaks, but you need to know the tactics to use when choosing one. Below is a list on how to pick the best one for your needs:


Get to know what you want to do with the kayak. Whether for fishing, fun activities or both, decide whether you will do it alone or with a partner. If alone, get yourself the one-seater kayak but if with another person, the two-seater will be more preferable.


Different kayaks vary in price due to their distinctive characteristics. Make sure the one you choose is within your budget as well as meets your needs.

Sitting Position

Many people and especially beginners prefer an inflatable kayak that allows them to sit on top. Such kayaks are controlled easily and do not require much expertise to pilot them. They also perform greatly on still waters like lakes and close to the shorelines. Always consider safety when you decide to buy one.

Inflatable kayak outshines the others because they have the following advantages:

a) Valuable

Materials like nitrylon, PVC or hyperlon construct the inflatable kayak.

b) Easy to carry

When deflated, they shrink and can fit in many avenues for carrying it like a backpack or car boot.

c) Easily handled and cleaned

You need to dry them before storage and treat those that are affected by the sun with a 303 protestant.

d) Reasonable price

You get assured of the inflatable kayak that will last for long.

e) Reachable

Inflatable kayak reaches out to many people with ease, and the cost is reasonable.

f) Perfect for first timers

Those kayaking for the first time prefer the inflatable kayak because of its safety, stability, and comfort.

g) Repairable

The best inflatable kayak gets fixed easily by patching when a puncture occurs.

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