7 Essential Kayak Fishing Tips for a Beginner Fisherman

Many fishermen know a lot about fishing but very little about Kayaking. This kind of fishing has gained popularity because it is simple, exciting and inexpensive. Considered a frontier sport, the best thing about Kayak Fishing is that the fisherman can set their own pace and catch a great fish.

Granted, there are many tactics of making a good catch. However, beginners may find the process challenging simply because they have to be outfitted with the right equipment and necessities.

Are you a Kayak Fishing beginner who is planning an expedition soon? With these essential kayak fishing tips in hand, you can never go wrong!

Kayak Fishing Tips

Kayak Fishing Tips

01. Consult an Expert

You may have been out fishing a couple of times before. However, Kayak Fishing is a one of a kind experience that requires the best angling techniques. As such, a Kayaking expert will be able to help you get started in the right way.

Usually, a fisherman who has been kayaking for three to four years is experienced enough to guide a beginner. In case you want to venture out into your own research, there are also numerous Kayak Fishing websites that will provide you with the insight that you need.

Making a visit down to your local paddle shop is also helpful as the fishing experts will be able to let you understand kayak fishing tips with different kayak selection and padding techniques.

02. Determine Your Kayak Selection

Once you have a good idea of what Kayak Fishing is about, it is important to get the right tool for the job; a good Kayak. However, you should first determine where you are most likely to fish. Is it a freshwater or a salty water lake? Is it a pond or big river? This determination is important because your fishing location will let you know whether you will have stability and success on your fishing venture.

The kayak should also come with sufficient storage space and comfortable seating. A good kayak store should let you first rent the boat that you are interested in, in order to determine whether it will be a good fit for your fishing needs.

03. Learn the Basic Rules

While it is important to keep a net handy and secured onto your kayak during your fishing trip, it is also essential to know all of the basic rules of fishing.

Let Your Body Follow Your Head

A good Kayak fisherman always knows the importance of keeping upright at all times with his head centered over the Kayak. This is a trick that helps fisherman stay comfortably on their Kayak no matter how it moves. If you lean out of the Kayak to look around, you may fall into the water.

Rig to Flip

Ensure that everything on the Kayak is secure and it floats well. lf there is anything that should not get wet while fishing, it should be secured in a plastic bag.

Dress to swim

During Kayak Fishing, you may decide to take a dive in the water and locate the fish. Therefore, a good fisherman should always dress with the expectation of swimming.

04. Master the One-Handed Paddle

Efficient kayak angling requires skill in handling a paddle with one hand. Even though paddling a kayak is simple with two hands, when you are fighting a fish with one hand, you will be required to steer the boat back upstream to avoid obstacles like a hanging branch. Mastering a one handed paddle will allow you to successfully fish in all situations.

05. Do Not be Afraid to Anchor

Whether you are fishing on a lake while it is windy or in offshore areas, you should not be afraid to anchor. It is advisable to watch out for currents because they can actually push the whole boat under water.

06. Understand All the Techniques

Beginners should learn all of the skills and techniques that are required for successful Kayak Fishing. Good skills will enable you to handle your fishing equipment well in any environment and take advantage of opportunistic fishing situations.

These are the Best Kayaking Techniques


Drifting is the easiest way of locating more fish by Kayak. The right drifting techniques make it easy to control the direction of the wind. Drifting also ensures that your Kayak will never stay pointed directly downwind; it will vary to some degree.

Fishing Upwind

When you need to cast up current or upwind, the less efficient your paddle becomes. However, when you paddle onto matted vegetation, it will hold you in place while you successfully cast.

Positioning Your Boat

Always have your paddle lying-at-the-ready in your lap. As a fisherman, you should also be on the move and adjust their position while fishing. Remember to always practice paddling using one hand.

Sight Fishing

Traditionally done from a raised platform, sight fishing involves getting a good View of the fish from underwater before casting. It is easier to spot fish tails in comparison to a school of fish swimming together. You can be able to take advantage of sight fishing from a kayak.

07. Always be Safe

No amount of warning can prepare a beginner kayak fisherman for the dangerous possibilities of fishing. it is advisable to let those around you know where you are fishing.

Ensure that fishing is only done on a calm day. This is because violent storms are the most common causes of accidents when fishing.

If you are on the water and a storm is coming, quickly paddle to the shore and ensure that your rods are not in an upright position. This will prevent them from acting as lighting rods. Once onshore, stay low and reduce your contact with the ground.

When it is foggy and you cannot be able to see clearly, it is best to stay off larger waters. This opens you up to the threat of being struck by a larger boat.

Kayak Fishing Tips - Videos


Even the savviest water man was not born on a Kayak. Therefore, it is important to take these beginner tips into consideration in order to be successful on your Kayaking venture.

This post is not only for beginners...

Even seasoned anglers can learn a thing or two from it. Try one kayak fishing  tip at a time and you will be surprised at how much ground you end up covering in your Kayak.

Once you master the right techniques. Kayak Fishing will be incredible fun. If you fish enough from a kayak. the unexpected is bound to happen. Whether it is a rouge rain storm or a big fish flipping out of the Kayak! Therefore, remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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